What is ChristLike Kenya? 

Christlike Kenya is Christian ministry called to transform Kenya through the word of God guided by Romans 12:1-2. Our main focus includes:

1.      Planting indigenous self-supporting churches in unreached people groups in Kenya including the Rendille, Samburu, Maasai, Tharaka, Borana and Turkana. We also do saturation of churches.

2.     Training God’s servants through seminars and online programs

3.     Mobilizing existing churches in Kenya to assume their responsibility to teach the word of God for church growth.

4.     Mobilizing existing churches to assume their responsibility to mind the creation, care for orphans, people living with HIV/AIDs and the old aged.

5.     Mobilizing the existing churches to retreat to the spiritual act of worship

Christlike Kenya is registered with the registrar of societies in Kenya as a Christian ministry (section 10 of the societies ACT). It was founded in January 2011. The founder is the present director, Rev. Linus Kirimi.  Linus and his wife Liz Kirimi live in Limuru Kenya. They are blessed with two sons, Felix and Joshua. Linus is an ordained pastor and has been a pastor since January 1991. He has worked for the Kenya Baptist Theological College as the director of extension studies, instructor, Academic Dean, Deputy Principal and Acting Principal. He has also served the Baptist Convention of Kenya as the Deputy General Secretary for three terms of three years. He has planted 13 Baptist churches since July 2010. He is at present the senior pastor of the Living Proof Baptist Church, Limuru, Kenya.


What do we do?

We plant churches:  We are devoted to planting indigenous, self-supporting churches in order to provide a center of worship in the community. We do a week evangelism through storying and discipleship and gather all new believers into one place. We them start a preaching point that grows into a church. We desire to provide a simple shelter where new believers meet to study the word of God and worship God for the edification of the church. We also desire to provide Bible materials and support a pastor to serve for three years in order to provide new servant-leadership for the church so that it can support itself. Our goal is to plant at least five churches every year.

We Train God’s Servants: We have three types of training including, pastoral training specifically for pastors, Christian Education for Christian Education Directors and Church Music Studies for Music Directors. Our training is done in English.  We do these trainings at the Christlike Seminary through quasi residential programs to encourage pastoral attitude. Students meet for two weeks six times a year. We are developing black board programs to help pastors in USA to train Kenyan students wherever they are.  The purpose of this seminary is to train pastors and church leaders according to the needs of their churches. The first priority is given to church planters for the unreached people groups.

We do Help Start Sunday School Programs in Evangelical Churches: Sunday school in Kenya is for children across all denominations. There is very little Bible teaching and if it is done, it does not follow any curriculum. As such we are out there to help pastors see the reason why the church must teach the Bible and how to teach it. Our goal is to provide a curriculum that will meet spiritual needs of particular people groups.

We mobilize churches to assume their ministry responsibilities to:

ORPHANS: The Living Proof Baptist Church serves the largest slum in Limuru. The slum is known as Misiri is a local name for Egypt. The name is the interpretation of the kind of life that is lived there, slavery. In the slum we have two types of orphans. There those orphans whose parents are dead or in prison and those children whose parents are living with HIV at the last stage. The Bible challenges us to look after orphans. Christlike Kenya does not only help orphans here. It also works with the street children helping them with food, clothing, education, and spiritual guidance and counseling. However, we do not intend to distance the orphans from their relatives so as to help relatives assume their responsibilities and also teach them life skills where they are.

HIV/AIDS: We take care of people who are infected with HIV/AIDS in their homes, disciple them, and provide them with guidance and counseling. Through Christilke Compassion, our intent is to provide resources in order to help them to know how to fish instead of giving them a fish. As such, we train them to assume their stewardship and encourage them to tithe for Christlike Kenya ministries. We encourage them to live with other church members so that no one knows who is who in order to avoid stigmatization.

OLD AGE: In Kenya we do not have homes for the aged. We identified several people especially women who have been neglected by the community around them. We provide clothing, food, shelter and medical care.

CARE OF GOD’S CREATION: The first verse of the Bible asserts that God created.  We believe that a Christian church has a responsibility to care for creation. Therefore, we challenge churches to conserve the environment by planting trees, preventing soil erosion and farming God’s way.

MOBILIZATION: We mobilize churches to retreat to a Spiritual Act of Worship. Most evangelical churches have tended to welcome the patterns of this world. There is more of “will” worship, as the people turn to what the world likes.  We encourage Christian to study the word of God and be transformed in order to know the God’s will for their lives.


How can you be involved?

1.     Pray for Christlike Kenya

2.     Support Christlike Kenya ministries

3.     Financially (one time gift, monthly gift or annual gift) the money should be designated to where God leads your heart eg church planting, orphanage, training etc

4.     Come plant a church

5.     Come teach a seminary class

6.     Come to train leaders on they can support themselves

7.     Come help in planning

8.     Come advise

9.     Provide sanitary towels for the girls in order to reach them with the gospel

Donate to ChristLike Kenya

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